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Understanding Transition Time: Module 1

 Explained By Author: Dr. Brady Frank, DDS

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What Other Happy Dentists Are Saying About The Book...
"It's easy to get around those common 'walls' that we as dentists run up against with more information"
Dr. Steve Williams, DDS
"The biggest thing that sticks out to me about the DDS Alliance and Brady Frank, is the focus on the dentist"
Dr. Lane Harris, DDS
"Everyone knows that you always learn more when you actually take action... and that is what Brady is all about"
Dr. Calvin Bessonet, DDS
Inside Of This FREE Book, Here Are A Few Of The Secrets That You'll Be Given For FREE...
  • How to clarify your practice(s) growth plan
  •  How to implement the most effective models for Multi-Location/Doctor
  •  Entity & expansion strategies to simplify and scale your practice
  •  How to create multiple streams of income, to include your DDSO
  •  How to convert dental practice equity into cash and wealth accumulation
  •  Creating an ideal situation for an incoming dentist (associateships fail!)
  •  How to create a multiple dentist co-owner situation that flourishes with high ROI
  •  Learn the 7 top techniques to find value-added acquisition practices
  •  How to create the best compensation formulas to motivate incoming dentists
  •  How to use delegation to reduce management burden with practice growth
  •  How to leverage "The Mentorship Program" while using JV (Joint Venture) ownership techniques with New Dentists
  •  Entrepreneurial Mobile Aligner and Implant business models to exponentially grow your practice, group, DDSO or DSO
  •  Build you OWN private equity company by learning the essentials of Private Lending
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